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Vertical Wall Systems

Gravity’s Vertical Wall Systems are the newest innovation in Open Living. Using Smartech Technology, they can be used in either window or walk-through door applications in both residential & commercial projects. Huge indoor outdoor living spaces can be created without compromise by lifting the panels up and out of the way. And no bottom track required for a seamless open living experience.

These systems are counter-balanced, vertically operated, wall systems that open by either tilting or folding upward to sit in-line with the ceiling to create a full and unobstructed opening without needing to design around stacks of horizontal folding or sliding door panels. 

Precision counter-balancing specific to each system made, allows smooth and effortless operation no matter how big or heavy your system may be.  Or for the ultimate user experience, automate your system to open with the press of a button. 

System Types

Proprietary Design

Smartech proprietary aluminum profiles are engineered specifically for large operating vertical window systems ensuring our systems are safe, perform thermally and are long-lasting. 

While Gravity’s Vertical Wall Systems are recommended for protected openings, a comprehensive & robust sealing system includes dual seals on the interior and exterior of each side of the panel that interlock with jamb seals, a bulb seal underneath the panel that compresses against the finish floor when closed, and a full compression seal at the top. Thresholds for additional protection are also an option. These new innovative systems have the perfect balance of function and protection.

Each system is specifically calculated so the size and weight of the operable panel is perfectly balanced for easy and safe operation. The counter-balance system is fully concealed for a clean aesthetic and true architectural solution.

Safety & Performance

Safety and Performance; the two underlying elements of the design process. Smartech are leaders in Vertical System Technology and have a long track record all over the world for safety and innovation.

All hardware fittings & components, including link arms, drive ramps, link arm pins, connectors, pulley saddle pins, clips, washers and fasteners are made of high-grade stainless steel. Additionally, our manual systems are secured with locks when closed. 

When automating your system, Gravity has the bases covered. Using both compact and commercial grade drive systems, depending on system size, our motors are quiet and can be concealed out of view for a neat finished aesthetic. Safety edge sensors are also available when necessary. 

High Quality Glass

Gravity Windows is proud to use Cardinal Glass in all products. Cardinal is the industry leader for residential and commercial glass solutions in North America. All of our products feature:

  1. Excellent Argon gas retention, and durability against moisture with specially formulated primary and secondary sealants between the spacer and glass that provide long term adhesion, and protection. 
  2. Minimal sightlines and condensation with our low profile glass spacer including desiccants to absorb moisture.
  3. Enhanced thermal performance with Argon gas between glass panes.
  4. Optimal UV protection clarity, and visibility with multiple exterior and interior low emissivity coatings.

*All Vertical Wall Systems are dual glazed with Cardinal LowE366 as standard to match major window brands

Finish Options

Gravity Windows offer finishes for any environment. Offering a vast range of colors to fulfil any project’s design, our Vertical Wall Systems’ standard finish is a durable polyester powder coat. A premium quality powder coat option is also available for coastal or corrosive environments. 

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