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Gas Spring Awning Windows

Gravity Windows are custom vertically operating awning windows, that are made to measure for a wide range of both residential and commercial projects. Our windows are designed to operate upward, powered by two gas springs that are customized to your exact window size and weight.

Engineered to be built as wide as 12 ft and as high as 7 ft, Gravity Windows are the ideal solution where large openings are desired to connect indoor and outdoor spaces without interruption. Custom window screens are also available.

Material Options

High Quality Glass

Gravity Windows is proud to use Cardinal Glass in all products. Cardinal is the industry leader for residential and commercial glass solutions in North America. All of our windows feature:

  1. Excellent Argon gas retention, and durability against moisture with specially formulated primary and secondary sealants between the spacer and glass that provide long term adhesion, and protection. 
  2. Minimal sightlines and condensation with our low profile glass spacer including desiccants to absorb moisture.
  3. Enhanced thermal performance with Argon gas between glass panes.
  4. Optimal UV protection clarity, and visibility with multiple exterior and interior low emissivity coatings.

*Triple pane glass options are available for ultimate protection in any climate!

Innovative Gas Springs

Strong, reliable, and corrosion resistant, our innovative gas springs are built to lift your windows for a lifetime. All of our gas springs feature:  

  1. Quality Stainless Steel end fittings. 
  2. Corrosion resistant, powder coated cylinders.
  3. A smooth operating piston for ultimate speed, control, and safety.
  4. Pressurized gas that powers gas springs the perfect amount of lift for your specific window project.
  5. A sealed and greased chamber that ensures smooth operation without leaking for the life of your window.
  6. Bushings that mitigate any vibration and ensure smooth operation.

*Stainless Steel springs are available for ultimate corrosion protection!

Ready to Raise the Bar for Your Space? 

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