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Classic & Warm. Traditional or New

Designed for a classic look or for use in combination with materials such as concrete and steel for a balanced contemporary design, Gravity’s all wood window provides ultimate design flexibility. Boasting narrower than typical wood profiles and concealed locking mechanisms, we haven’t compromised on functionality or aesthetic.

Wood Awning Windows

Our gas spring powered wood window profiles are engineered specifically for large operating vertical window systems.

Excellent thermal performance with wood being a natural thermal barrier.

Narrow profiles provide a minimal aesthetic and allow more light to enter the room while the wood material provides warmth to any design; inside and out.

Exterior glass stop with interior glazing rebate engineered to safely handle weight of glass when window is in open position. 

Wood Window Hardware

Gravity’s Wood Windows are fitted with high quality locking mechanism that guarantee smooth operation and safety.  Offered in multiple finishes to match existing wood window packages, the handle is mounted in the center of the bottom rail and activates a twin bolt lock into each jamb with a single action. The single handle, and twin bolt mechanism removes the need for multiple locks either side of the wood window providing a clean and minimal aesthetic.   

Wood Window Finishes

Ready to stain or paint, Gravity offers the most popular interior wood species to match any project.

In-Stock Wood Species

Ready to Raise the Bar for Your Space? 

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